Thursday, January 15, 2004

Update on Father Groeschel

The last time I met with Father and had a lengthy conversation, he told me that Father Glenn was a beautiful writer. Indeed he is! Father the superior of the community called the "community servant" gives evidence of how he handles that position in his latest update.

Continue to pray, in the imagery of the Old Testament, to lift up the hands of Moses who has grown weak...

From The Franciscan Friars:

"Fr. Benedict appears to be 'the same' as yesterday - at least externally; sedated, in a sleep-like state and lightly assisted by a respirator. However, being 'the same' is actually good -- he hasn't lost any ground. The body is healing itself and this takes time - God willing, these are the first steps along a long road to recovery.

Tonight, between six and eight o'clock (EST) a well-know and highly esteemed trauma surgeon will be operating on his broken right arm. The mere fact that they have opted for surgery indicates a certain amount of 'strength in the system.' Doctors don't like taking chances if they don't have to. So, in short, we should see this as a positive sign. I imagine, based on the results of this somewhat 'minor' surgery, they will attempt to work on his right broken leg. The nurses told me everything has to be done in small doses -- sort of 'spoon feeding' an infant. The next spoonful depends on how well the baby consumes the first. Once again, these are the slow, preliminary steps Father has to take weeks, perhaps months before his feet touch the floor.

While there appears to be some semblance of stability in his condition, I believe the real concern is his heart. The heart may be considered the 'weak link' a chain which could not be called strong. He is elderly and has had some health problems in the past, now add the unexpected trauma of being hit by a car…. So, you see how much he needs our prayers. He's walking a very fine line, a 'tightrope,' a strong young man could walk away if he fell. So, our job is to extend our hands to the heavens and support him step-by-step. "