Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Update on Father Groeschel from His Superior

From Father Glenn Sudano, C.F.R.:

To clarify some of the details about the accident, I will tell you as much as I know at this time. Fr. Benedict had just completed a preaching engagement and was at the airport with his traveling companions, Fr. John Lynch and David Burns. Evidently, they were at an airport car rental. Fr. Benedict knew his two companions hadn't eaten, and knowing the long lines meant a long wait, he went to outside to find a place to buy a hamburger or something. This is where the facts are fuzzy. At some time and for some reason, he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Perhaps it was dark, who knows, but this is all I know at this point.

Fr. Benedict was struck on his right side. The impact broke his right arm and leg in two places. He also received some injury to the head. Thank God, the ambulance arrived soon after and was brought to a nearby hospital which, thank God, has an expert trauma unit. This is where he is today and will slowly recover through your prayers.

I had the opportunity to speak to his attending physician who represents a small team of trauma specialists. At this time all his vital signs are "good." His arm and leg still needs to be operated on, but it's still too soon. They have to be very careful not to upset whatever "balance" he has at this point. The bleeding on the brain is not serious and his blood pressure Okay - at least right now. Last night they had to open him to see if there was any damage to his inside organs. Thank God, no problems there. There appeared to be an increase in acid accumulating in his system, yet it appears to be naturally lowering.