Friday, January 02, 2004

Mike Bianchi's Take on Zook

As usual Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel says it best.

From Gators:

"Now that Zook has completed two years on the job, we know this much about his coaching ability: absolutely nothing. He can go 8-5 with a junior quarterback. He can go 8-5 with a freshman quarterback.

The only thing consistent about his teams has been their inconsistency. Florida fans have been on and off Zook's bandwagon so many times they don't know if it's coming or going. You build up Zook, he lets you down. You kick him when he's down, he gets back up. He teases fans, then torments them.

Fans were ready to crucify him after a home loss to Ole Miss in early October. They were ready to canonize him after he came back and beat three consecutive top-12 teams away from home. Then, like last year, the Gators faded miserably at the end. Zook's Gators have all the killer instinct of a pack of toy poodles.

Everything about Zook's teams has been inconsistent. Against Florida State, All-America tight end Ben Troupe was a key part of the offense. Against Iowa, Troupe never even touched the ball."