Saturday, January 17, 2004

Latest Update on Father Benedict's Condition

The friars have all set up a link, so that you can email your wishes to Father Benedict...

From aLetter 1/16/04 by Father Glenn:

"I am getting this message to you earlier than planned since I have been told that Fr. Benedict is being operated on at this moment. The time now is 8:00 pm (EST).

From what I know tonight they are operating on Father's right arm. This will be the second procedure on the right arm. Last night's operation was simply 'step one'. Besides attending to his right arm, the doctors will also work on the right leg which was broken in two places. The doctors will also be stitching up the open incision in his abdomen which was opened when they had to do an exploratory looking for the source of an acid build up. This has been brought to an acceptable level with medication. Finally, they will be inserting small filters to prevent blood clots from traveling to vital organs. So you see how much your prayers are needed."