Saturday, January 10, 2004

Hooray for Archbishop Burke!

Hopefully, Archbishop Burke will do this in St. Louis as well. This clarification is needed badly in this country where a person's faith is often treated rather superficially as though a person could believe in the sanctity of life and then vote for anything that would extinguish it. It is my sincere prayer that all Catholics will be converted to be for life and that they will do everything within their realm of influence to change the laws of this country to reflect that stand.

This means voting for most of us...and if we vote for politicians who are not "representative" of our beliefs then we probably shouldn't be going to communion either.

From CNS STORY: BURKE-POLITICIANS Jan-8-2004 (840 words) xxxn:

"Archbishop Raymond L. Burke has formally notified Catholic lawmakers in the La Crosse Diocese that they cannot receive Communion if they continue to support procured abortion or euthanasia.

The four-paragraph canonical notification, published in the Jan. 8 edition of The Catholic Times, the La Crosse diocesan newspaper, called upon Catholic legislators in the diocese 'to uphold the natural and divine law regarding the inviolable dignity of all human life.'

'To fail to do so is a grave public sin and gives scandal to all the faithful,' it said."