Friday, January 23, 2004

Former Bishop Accused of Sexual Abuse

As an aside, I heard that the Cincinnati firm charged with dispersing the $3 million dollar settlement there is about to advertise on local television soliciting any abuse victims. This could lead to all kinds of accusations--a lot false--I would presume. Think about the woman in Ohio who "lost" her winning power ball ticket...

From The Examiner: More accusations against priests 01/22/04:

"Three Kansas City-area Catholic priests, one a former bishop, have been accused of sexually abusing nine men as minors over the span of 30 years.

Former Bishop Joseph Hart, Monsignor Thomas O'Brien and Thomas Reardon were each named in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.
Reardon was briefly stationed in Buckner at the Santa Fe Church in 1978. O'Brien served at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Independence from 1982 to 1983, when the diocese sent him to New Mexico for psychological evaluation after reports of sexual abuse first surfaced.

The lawsuit is the largest yet in a series of suits against Kansas City area priests that began last year."