Friday, January 23, 2004

Father Benedict Apparently wants a Pen

Hopefully, to finish the two books that I've been waiting for him to finish. Keep up your prayers.

The latest update from Father Glenn:

"Here's the latest.

Through the efforts and expertise of top-notch medical personnel, and through the effusion of Divine grace poured out from His most merciful heart, our friend is showing wonderful signs of the first steps of recovery! Although Father is a bit dazed and somewhat confused, we can honestly say that he is slowly emerging out of his medicinal fog. Yesterday the doctors decided to give Father Benedict a tracheotomy since his gag reflex was keeping him from taking those deep breaths we all know he needed. We also learned that Father Benedict had a dislocated shoulder; this was readjusted the same day. Also, a feeding tube, which was causing some ulceration on the lip, was removed; now nutrition is being directly sent to the stomach. This, of course, frees Father from a certain evident degree of discomfort. The nurses gave Fr. John permission to moisten his raw lips with balm and to apply some cool water to his parched mouth with a moist cotton swab. What a privilege to bring relief to those lips, which have brought comfort and courage to so many!

Although Father Benedict is far from sitting upright and smiling in bed, he is displaying genuine and generally consistent responses - slowly and subtly. His both eyes are open, and although he is unable to turn his head, his eyes, glazed and curious like a newborn baby, turn here and there. The friars tell me his 'personality is slowly emerging' and while he cannot be heard, he is forming words. In fact, he appeared to be saying the word 'pen' - my God, here comes another book! O Mother of God, how can we thank you?

Holy Mass was offered in his room in the ICU for the rights of the innocent unborn. Of course, Father couldn't receive Holy Communion, but the friars said he was well aware of the Mass. Of course, he is still quite groggy and easily falls in and out "