Friday, January 23, 2004

Democratic Debate--I hate all of them

I watched the Democratic candidates debate last night and I've decided that I hate them all.

Although, if I were still a Democrat--I would vote for Al Sharpton and I did feel that some of the questioners, including Peter Jennings, were pretty racist in their choice of questions for Al that were never the same questions they were asking everyone else. But to his credit, Sharpton points out the hypocrisy of the rest of the candidates.

Why do I hate all of them? (I hate them as candidates not as individuals--I pray for them as individuals, for their conversion)

Because they claim to be for the underprivileged yet all favor the destruction of the unborn. The fact that they cannot see the contradiction is truly troubling. John Kerry calls himself a practicing Catholic--he has voted proabortion in every conceivable way! Joe Lieberman is an orthodox Jew and he too refuses to take his own beliefs seriously about life!

They all seem to think that life is all about money. They are fixated on money--grabbing more of it from the rich (themselves) and giving it, not to the poor but to government programs where they can put their cronies in and their cronies will become rich administrating the program--while the poor remain poor. Most of them are rich and could do a lot of good by getting out of politics and helping the poor--all that Heintz ketchup money could take care of a lot of people.

Why can't someone, anyone stand up for what is right? Why is it that the Catholic, Orthodox Jewish, conservative protestants--all of whom taken together make up the overwhelming majority within this country have no teeth when it comes to who ends up being a candidate for the presidency? Why is it that those who hold liberal minority oppinions are catered to--at the expense of the majority?

A third political party is needed. One that stands up for the human rights of all but does not compromise on morality based on natural law. Is for the protection of life from conception to the grave, stands up for the sanctity of marriage, is just to people of all races and creeds, and is able to do all of this without compromising core values.