Friday, December 19, 2003

The Pill from Hell

FromCatholic Citizens:

"Today, December 16, 2003, is an important day in the United States. After listening to numerous pro life doctors, bioethicists and leaders warn of the dangers of allowing the abortifacient pill 'Plan B' to be sold over the counter, the U.S. advisory panel to the FDA voted to recommend allowing the 'morning after' contraceptive pill to be sold without a prescription. The pill is intended for use by women within 72 hours after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

It's incredulous how these US advisors for the FDA could have made such an evil decision after having listened to the good Judie Brown, President of American Life League, testify that 'these high doses of artificial hormones can and do terminate the lives of human beings after their lives have begun at conception/fertilization; these pills are dangerous for women, particularly adolescent women, and the damage to family life would be severe. Emergency contraception is not contraception...the Food and Drug Administration has a moral and ethical responsibility to assure, to the best of its ability, the health and welfare of every member of the human family. '"