Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Has Anyone Heard that Ron Zook is Going to the NFL?

Steve Spurrior resigns:

""I am announcing my resignation as head coach of the
Washington Redskins effective today, December 30, 2003.

""I thank Dan Snyder for the opportunity to coach this
team for the past two years and I apologize to Redskins fans
that we did not achieve a level of success that we had all

""This is a very demanding job. It's a long grind and I
feel that after 20 years as a head coach, there are other
things that I need to do. I appreciate all the support,
especially from former Redskins players in the area and
again, I wish we would have come closer to the success those
players enjoyed under Coach Joe Gibbs.

""There are many outstanding players on the Redskins team
and I wish them all the best. I'll always be pulling for the
Redskins. I simply believe that this is the right time for me
to move on, because this team needs new leadership. Hiring a
new head coach will allow him to hire a new coaching staff
and hopefully point the Redskins in the right direction.

""I've enjoyed my time in Washington. Obviously, all of
the losing can wear you down, but I believe that the
franchise is headed in the right direction. Again, I'll
always be pulling for the Washington Redskins.''