Monday, November 10, 2003

Universities and the Conneticut Coast

Day 2

The second day was dominated (for me anyway) of taking care of Joseph while Amy spoke at the Catholic Congress at Sacred Heart University, in Fairfield, CT. After lugging Joseph around the previous day, I immediately went with him to a nearby mall after dropping Amy off at Sacred Heart. Luckily, I quickly found a cheap stroller and we headed back to the University where I took in a few minutes of each of the speakers who were speaking at the same time as Amy. Barbara Morgan of Stuebenville was telling the teachers that they needed to present a Catholic world view in how they taught their subjects, regardless of what the subject was...Monsignor Irwin was speaking about the liturgy and it's importance as a part of life and Amy was speaking on how to teach young people to pray and evidently since people kept saying to me "oh this must be the stroller," that entailed relating the need for help that we all have in carrying our burdens.

Joseph and I spent much of the afternoon sitting in the Pioneer's stadium watching the football team practice (mostly goof around). His comment in between sifting through peanut shells left from a previous game was that the boys were being silly. The silly Pioneeer boys lost again this past weekend, it turns out for the third straight time!

Here is an interesting tidbit about Sacred Heart's nickname:

Sacred Heart University's nickname, Pioneers, stems from its founding, in 1963, as the first Catholic university in the United States that was led and staffed by independent lay people. All five of its presidents have been laymen. The first issue of the school's yearbook, in 1967, refers to the men's basketball team as the "Pioneers". This name was subsequently adopted as the name for all of our athletics teams.

We met the wife of the President at lunch.

At the end of the day we traveled along the Conneticut coast. A beautiful drive, up toward Guilford, CT. I had been to Guilford two other times in my life, both times to visit a friend who was assigned in a parish there. We had a nice meal at the Guiford Mooring, where the chilled air smelled of seaweed and lobster traps were piled high in the air.

On the way home we drove through New Haven and the Yale University campus.