Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The Tower Proposes an Advent Fast

What is strange about this was that I was looking at an Orthodox calendar that I have hanging in my office and I noticed that the period we are now in is purple (symbolizing fast). I wondered what it might mean. Then I was viewing my blog and noticed a comment by Nathan, so I decided to check out his blog and lo and behold a direct answer to my unspoken question. Plus a great suggestion, in fact it is a suggestion that I would suggest you pass on to your diocesan bishop.

What we need right now is not "statements" but action. A declaration of a fast for Advent--for peace in the world and renewal within the Church is just what we need.

Fasting During Advent: Waiting in Joyful Hope

Nathan also has a response to Andrew Sullivan which is well worth a read. He shares Andrew's plight but has a different view of what being Catholic (and he just became a Catholic this past Easter) means. Scroll down to his November 10th entry.

I would add the following. Everyone is a sinner. In the our modern experience of the Church we often hear of the term of "cafeteria Catholicism" that might be better termed "cafeteria sinfulness". We all tend to pass by those parts of Catholicism that convict us of sin. But it is exactly in our weakness, our sinfulness where Christ can save us. We all need to fast not only from food, but from judgment of others, and from our sins...so that Christ may truly come into our lives.