Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Tammy Faye Update

Its the "old hymns" that kept her going...and keep her going evidently.

WorldNetDaily: Tammy Faye speaks at homosexual church:

"Pastor Robert L. Morgan told the paper he has been trying to get Messner to speak in his church for the past two years because, he says, she carries a powerful message: God loves all. Messner once hosted a daytime television show with a homosexual co-host and, the Times said, has appeared at 'gay pride' events throughout the country.
'I wanted to set as an example that not all straight people hate you,' Morgan is quoted as telling his congregation prior to introducing his guest speaker.

According to the Florida paper, Messner told the churchgoers how difficult it was when Jim Bakker's Praise the Lord television network was shut down so quickly in 1987.

'Everything was gone, everyone hated us,' she said through tears, the paper reports. 'I couldn't read my Bible. You know what sustained me? The old hymns.'

She then sang, 'Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus.'

As Messner spoke, she walked among the wooden pews of the small, white church. "

Touching on her theological beliefs, the paper quotes the former TV star as stating, "I think Jesus really loves crazy people. He really does. He made so many of us!"