Friday, November 14, 2003

Saint's Name for Every Child???

About a year ago we released a very popular book entitled Dictionary of Patron Saints' Names. One of the remarkable aspects of this book was that it can link almost any name a child is given, say for instance "Spring" or "Brook" with a patron. I'm not sure that Father ingenuity can match the latest trend though:
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US babies get global brand names:

"Americans are increasingly turning to the world of popular culture to name their children, a study has found.

Children have been named after big brands as diverse as beauty company L'Oreal, car firm Chevrolet and designer clothes company Armani.

There are even two little boys, one in Michigan and one in Texas, called ESPN after the sports channel.

Psychology professor Cleveland Evans discovered the trend after surveying US social security records for 2000. "

I wonder if anyone has named their child EWTN, Envoy or Our Sunday Visitor?