Thursday, November 20, 2003

In the Philipines if You're a Priest and You Father a Second Child--You're Out!

Why not with the first????

Same rule applies to those with a homosexual orientation but its unclear how they would know if it was the first act or second act?

From The Manila Times Internet Edition | TOP STORIES >:

Priests in the Philippines found to have fathered a child will not be automatically defrocked but those with two will be immediately asked to leave the Catholic Church.

Those found committing homosexual acts will be sent to a rehabilitation center run by the Church, but if they repeat the offense they will be expelled at once.

The offenses and their penalties are contained in an 18-page “Pastoral Guidelines on Sexual Abuses and Misconduct by the Clergy” released by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines on Wednesday.

The CBCP was forced to issue the protocol after two prominent bishops earlier this year figured in sex scandals.

Bishop Crisostomo Yalung left the clergy after begetting two children by a parishioner in Antipolo City, while the Vatican removed Teodoro Bacani, bishop of Novaliches, on allegations that he sexually harassed his secretary.

For the first time last year the Catholic Church publicly apologized for sexual abuses committed by Filipino priests, but insisted that most of them remained faithful to their vows.

The Church admitted that some 200 priests have been investigated for sexual misconduct over the past 20 years. Some were dismissed; most resigned voluntarily.