Sunday, November 16, 2003

Happy Birthday to the Oldest Living Human Being

A few weeks ago she was the third oldest, but today she is the oldest! She lives in nearby Lima, OH. She moved there when she was 110 so that she could be close to family. She also has two sisters still living, both of whom are 99.

My grandmother lived into her hundreds (as well as her sisters).

Today is also my birthday, but I'm a long, long way from 100.

From The Vindicator:

"Charlotte Benkner, who will celebrate her 114th birthday Sunday, said Friday she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

'It's just another birthday,' the world's oldest person said after making her way through the crowded room with the help of a walker to a chair facing rows of reporters and schoolchildren.

'I'm overwhelmed that so many people came out for my birthday.' Smiling, she added, 'It would be so nice if it were sweet 16. I'd have a lovely time.'

Her favorite food:

"What's your favorite food?" a boy asked.

"My favorite time is dinner and I can eat chicken five days a week," Benkner responded.

The secret to a long life?

Reporters were more interested in learning the secret to Benkner's living so long.

"There is no secret," she said. "I just live each day the way the Lord gives it to me."

Something we can all apply to this and everyday!