Thursday, November 13, 2003

Feast of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Today is the feast of the Mother Cabrini. Last Thursday Amy, Katie, Joseph and I prayed a few inches from Mother Cabrini's body encased below the altar at the Mother Cabrini Shrine in uptown Manhattan. We prayed that Amy's talk would go well the next day, and that all our future "missionary" activity would be blessed by God as well, including specifically a mission that I'm giving in suburban Chicago later this month.

Mother Cabrini died in Chicago and there is a shrine there that has the rooms she lived and died in at the Columbus Hospital. The hospital recently closed and I understand that the shrine remains open. I ask everyone to ask Mother Cabrini's intercession on all missionary activity both in this country and in foreign lands.

Today is also the feast of St. Stanislaus Kostka the patron saint of the parish that I grew up in, essentially one of the few Polish parishes in New Hampshire. In fact, I grew up directly across the street from the original parish church, pictured in the link.