Sunday, October 26, 2003

Virginia Cyr--A Saint for Our Times

Our Sunday Visitor will release a book in March of 2004 based on the diaries of Virginia Cyr. For those who would like a sneak peak check out Dr. Quentin Colgan's web site devoted to her atVirginia Cyr.

Virginia Cyr could turn out to be the U.S.'s Little Flower. Her life was short, but one graced with a remarkable faith in the midst of just about every imaginable type of suffering one soul could endure--including sexual abuse from a drunken priest. But perhaps the worst abuse she suffered was being turned down by every contemplative community she sought to enter--I live in the area of the country where many of these communities once stood and I firmly believe that their ruins are a testimony of God's judgment upon them for refusing the "least of his brethren" and forgetting their call.

Virginia died a young woman, visit the site read some of her writings and see in this new religious communty that Amy mentions a sign of hope for people of faith like Virginia.