Monday, October 06, 2003


So it'll be the Cubs vs. the Marlins...I've seen both play the Reds this year...Florida won the Cubs lost

Hearing what has raised the alarm flags on the Pope's health is that the disease is affecting his lungs and that he can barely breathe anymore... read a story in the BBC about yesterday's canonizations and how strong he looked but if you look at the sidebar you'll see an audio link that reads "pope short of breath"...pray for him.

Rosary Rally in SC went well yesterday, lots of people under the hot Carolina sun praying the rosary for peace and families.

Stories of staying in the haunted bishop's house will come, once I've actually left it. Don't want stir up the demons..

Speaking of the Luminous mysteries, a priest wrote a piece in OSV proposing them in 1974 only he called them the "ministerial mysteries", I met him yesterday asked him if he had any good lottery number picks.