Friday, October 10, 2003

The Silent Holocaust in Israel

Rabbi weighs in on the real terrorist threat that continues to destroy innocent human life.

From Abortion in the State of Israel:

"“He who destroys his own children…who wrecks the handiwork of G-D…brings hunger, plague, and the sword upon the world.”
—Zohar, Shemos (Exodus)"

Should we be surprised that the sword has been unleashed against our people in the Holy Land?

Our continued silence on this issue makes us vulnerable, chas vesholom, to the punishments of hunger, plague, and the sword prophesized in the Zohar Hakodosh.

Now that Rosh Hashana (the New Year) is here, it is time for us to do Teshuva (repent) on this horrible crime in G-D’s Holy Land. If we truly want to end the sacrifice of Jewish blood of our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land of Israel, we must cry out to the heavens, loudly and clearly, against this shedding of innocent blood.

Interesting how "G-D" is handled. So sacred that we dare not speak His name! What a difference and what a sense of awe in the majesty of the Almighty!