Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Shame on Alou, Shame on Fox Sports, Shame on Stuart Scott

All of the above made a fan, who was one among many grabbing for a foul ball, in the eighth inning of last night's National Leauge Championship Game, the scapegoat for what happened later in that inning. What a crock! The fan had nothing to do with the Cubs loss, I repeat nothing! The score was 3-0 before the fan touched the ball, it was still 3-0 after the interference. The pitcher Mark Prior could still have struck out Alex Gonzalez, but instead he walked him--so you could blame him. But the real culprit, if I were a Cubs fan would have been the Cubs SS who committed an incredibly costly error--that could have ended the inning with the Cubs still leading the game. He gets paid to play the game, his play did result directly in the Marlins ultimately winning the game, so why isn't he being made the real "goat" of the game?

If anything happens to the fan who interferred with the game, someone who has probably been a Cubs fan all of their lives, criminal charges should be brought against all those who have made him out to be the reason the Cubs lost last night. The disgrace of making a paying fan the excuse for losing is reason enough in my mind why the Cubs have no place winning not last night or any night.

I am a Marlins fan, btw.