Thursday, October 16, 2003

Relic of Mother Teresa Touched to Terri

What a great miracle it would be if there was a healing in this much publicized case! Everyone should implore God for just such a healing that could turn the wave of anti-life forces!!!

From Spirit Daily - Daily spiritual news from around the world:

"Terri Schiavo received what was supposed to be her final feeding on Wednesday, but Gov. Jeb Bush told her parents that he would again try to stop her court-approved death. Meanwhile, her parents visited after her feeding tube had been removed, accompanied by the Rev. Thaddeus Malanowski, a Roman Catholic priest who visits Mrs. Schiavo weekly, reports The New York Times. Father Malanowski said he took a scrap from a robe worn by Mother Teresa into Mrs. Schiavo's room and touched her throat, forehead and cheek with it. Mother Teresa is to be beatified on Saturday, and Father Malanowski said that for the next step, canonization, Mother Teresa would need to assist in a miracle. 'She was very calm, very quiet, peaceful looking today,' Father Malanowski said of Mrs. Schiavo, who is plump with dark hair and eyes. "