Wednesday, October 29, 2003

McKeon Attributes Success to the Little Flower

Sports people are getting evangelized in some good ole Catholicism!

From - Loria says McKeon will be back to lead champion Marlins:

"McKeon begins most days by attending Mass. He carries a crucifix and angel medallion in his pocket, and says had it not been for St. Theresa -- a 19th-century nun who had many miracles attributed to her -- he would not have been in baseball.

McKeon said his father wouldn't let him sign to play as a teenager, insisting instead that he go to college. McKeon said he began praying to St. Theresa and eventually his father gave his blessing.

A half-century career has followed, with this being McKeon's first taste of a World Series.

'St. Theresa has always taken pretty good care of me,' McKeon said. "