Thursday, October 16, 2003

Marlins Win! Marlins Win! Marlins Win!

Actually as Joe Angel used to say, "and the Marlins are in the win column!"

Turns out Billy the Marlin grew up a Cub's Fan!

I'll say this here before tonight's game...I told the Bishop of the Diocese of South Bend-Fort Wayne back in March that this was the year for the Boston Red Sox (he is a fellow New Englander and die hard Boston fan). He said he thought this would be a down year. I'm not even sure why I told him what I told him.

I grew up a Red Sox fan but after I moved from the New England my interest in baseball waned until the creation of the Florida Marlins in the 1990's. I was living in South Florida at the time and became a big Marlin's fan--and so I'd like to see them win no matter who they play but I have a feeling that if it is the Red Sox that their fate is already sealed. But if it is the Yankees the Marlins will win!

For those of you who are fair weather sports fans, pick up a copy of Hemmingway's "Old Man and the Sea" and learn about the origin of the name of the South Florida National League Champions.