Saturday, October 25, 2003

The Manager of the Florida Marlins--Jack McKeon

From Street Miami | 08/01/2003 | MEET ... JACK MCKEON:

"Got any good stories?

I was managing the Reds. Like me, [then Los Angeles Dodgers manager] Tommy Lasorda likes to go to church. So one Sunday morning, in Cincinnati, we went to the same mass, at 8 in the morning. I asked him if he wanted a ride to the ball park afterward [the Reds and Dodgers were playing each other that day]. He said ''sure.'' So after church, I went outside, but he stayed inside. I went in looking for him and he's at the altar, lighting a candle [and probably asking the Lord for a Dodger victory]. Well, when he started to walk out of the church, I walked back in, just for minute. Later that day, before the game, we're at home plate, exchanging lineup cards, and I said, ''Hey Tommy, I saw you light that candle.'' He said, ''Oh yeah?'' And I said, ''Yeah, I sneaked back in and blew it out.'' I really didn't, but that's what I told him."