Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Loria: Marlins Championship Team Won't be Dismantled

Hopefully, the truth.

From AP Wire | 10/28/2003 |:

"Tens of thousands of frenzied fans waved towels, screamed themselves hoarse and pointed their jubilant hands skyward Tuesday in celebration of their World Series champion Florida Marlins.
But the jersey-clad, sign-toting revelers released their loudest, most earthshaking cheers when owner Jeffrey Loria made a simple promise.

'I just want to say one more thing, to put the whole thing to rest, because I'm tired of answering the same question,' Loria said. 'This is not 1997. This is 2003. We are not dismantling. Thank you.'

With that, six years of malcontent and mistrust between South Florida and its baseball team vanished like the soap bubbles jubilant schoolchildren blew into the breeze coming off Biscayne Bay."