Monday, October 13, 2003

The Gator's Rollercoaster Ride Continues...

The fact that they played so well this past Saturday, just makes the losses that they've suffered at home even worst.

From Yahoo! Sports:

"the emotional ride continues for Florida (4-3, 2-2 Southeastern Conference). Last week, many fans were grumbling, wondering if Zook was overmatched by the job and worrying that the Gators might not get the six wins they needed to make a bowl.

This week, Florida is talking about the SEC title, a notion that seemed laughable only a few days ago. Halfway through the conference season, Florida is one game behind Georgia in the SEC East with the Bulldogs still on the schedule. Florida's next game is at No. 11 Arkansas, a 10-3 loser at home to Auburn on Saturday.

``The door was never shut in our eyes,'' said Zook, who last week repeated several times that seven of the last eight years, a team with two conference losses has played in the title game.

How long the Gators can keep the door open, however, is a mystery, especially considering they haven't had a winning or a losing streak this year; they've won every other game.
But at least for one day, the swagger was back. "