Monday, October 13, 2003

Full Story Below (Under Orthodox Catholic Priest Being Sent into Exile)

I know the priest in question.

When have you heard a Vicar General say this to a priest? And if you know that Pasquini is very pious and orthodox it makes evenless sense:

From St. Juliana priest asked to transfer:

"When Pasquini pressed Notabartolo about what was going on, Notabartolo explained that Pasquini's homilies were poor, he didn't show enough devotion to Mass, he was not equipped to be a priest and would never be a pastor in the diocese."

I think the key to understanding this "exile" is this from the same Palm Beach Post story:

Last year, as head of the diocesan Right to Life office, Pasquini wrote an editorial in The Florida Catholic that complained about a subculture of gay priests and accused the church of cronyism and favoritism.