Wednesday, October 22, 2003

From the Front Lines in the Battle for Life

Pete Vere reports from Florida about the fight for Terri Schiavo.

From :

"Not too long after the ambulance took off with Terri in order to bring her to the hospital, I happened to find myself with Terri's father. So I gave him the rosaries blessed by the Holy Father. Terri's father was in tears, and asked me to extend the gratitude of his family toward St. Blog, FreeRepublic and the Alhambra. He also asked me to make known his gratitude to St. Therese and Bl. Teresa of Calcutta. Since beginning the Novena to St. Therese, he has encountered roses and rose petals everywhere he goes, even in the most unusual of places. In fact, Terri's feeding tube was pulled on the feast day of her namesake, St. Therese, and the critical point in Terri's starvation and dehydration would have taken place last Sunday -- the day the Holy Father beatified Mother Teresa of Calcutta."