Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Florida Marlins Win the World Series!!!

From Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel:

"Can you believe it?" Jack McKeon said as he walked out to the field, shaking hands as he went, his last managerial stroke to pitch Beckett on a controversial three days' rest now looking the most brilliant.

Beckett was being lifted up on his teammates' shoulders now. Someone tugged a "World Champion Marlins" cap on his head backward. The caps were going on everyone, T-shirts, too. The phrase will take some practice: World Champion Marlins. Read it again and weep a little, considering many of the Marlins were by now: World Champion Marlins.

They didn't just do what no one said they could. They did it their way in the city that sings about just that. All last winter and through the spring, as the Marlins first assembled their team and then started playing, they were told small-ball wouldn't work. Couldn't work. Doesn't everyone knows running and bunting doesn't work in this big-bang era of baseball?

Look how they won Game 6.

They bunted. They ran. They played great defense. They played for one run, pulled it close, then played for another and pulled it closer. They played the smallest of ball all the way to the biggest of wins, to the most unlikely of celebrations, coming into a place full of baseball history and making some of their