Monday, October 20, 2003

Dwight Longenecker Recounts His Meeting with Blessed Teresa

Over at Envoy Encore:

"One of our stops was the mother house of the Missionaries of Charity. We had taken up a collection for Mother Teresa's work and thought we would stop by to see the mother house and give the nuns our check. When we went to the door we saw a little sign that said, 'Mother is in'. The nun at reception asked if we wanted to meet Mother Teresa.

So we waited for a few minutes until she was finished with her meeting and she came out into the hall to shake our hands. What a dynamo! That little lady was 'full of grace' inasmuch as she was overflowing with a kind of spiritual power that you could almost touch."

I've worked with Dwight on two excellent books. If you are looking for some great spiritual reading check out one or both: