Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Christus Victor Weighs in on Michael Schiavo's Larry King Appearance

I totally agree with Christine's critique and what I find even more startling is that this is Schiavo's first admission that there is money at stake. He has denied in the past that there is any money to be gained by Terri's death. I didn't see the broadcast but I'll bet Larry didn't throw any hardballs...like throwing the money issue back in his face. The Schindlers are retired and owned their own business by the way, chances are they aren't in need of the money in the way that Michael who has a child by another woman and one on the way by the same woman might be.

From Christus Victor:

"On Larry King Live last night, Michael Schiavo actually accused Terri's father of financial motives underlying his fight.
'He's always wanted the money,' Schiavo said of his father-in-law, Bob Schindler. 'He wants the money. He wants the control.'

Can you say, Projection? Michael Schiavo has been driven for so long by selfish greed, to put it kindly, that he can't understand any other motive for keeping Terri alive. He can't understand how anyone could love what he sees as a vegetable. He can't understand selflessness, or human dignity. Perhaps one day long ago he was able to understand such things; but you can't keep leading the charge to end a person's life without your soul dying in the process. I know Michael Schiavo was driven by despicable motives--but to get onto national television and accuse the Schindlers of being in this for the money is beyond belief. "