Monday, September 08, 2003

Today is the Feast of the Birth of Mary

Here is a link to hearing AVE VERUM Corpus Natum de Maria Virgine chanted. The prayer composed by a pope at one time was recited by the faithful during the elevation at Mass as a way of contemplating the true presence of Jesus.

Here is the prayer in Latin and then in English:

Natum de Maria Virgine:
Vere passum, immolatum
In cruce pro homine:
Cuius latus perforatum
Fluxit aqua et sanguine:
Esto nobis praegustatum
Mortis in examine.

HAIL, true Body, truly born Of the Virgin Mary mild Truly offered, wracked and torn, On the Cross for all defiled, From Whose love-pierced, sacred side Flowed Thy true Blood's saving tide:
Be a foretaste sweet to me In my death's great agony.