Monday, September 15, 2003

Should Father Andrew Greeley Be Indicted?

In a book Andrew Greeley claimed to know of a priest pedophile ring in Chicago that may have been responsible for at least one murder. He also claimed that he did not fear for his life because he had enough to criminally indict members of the group in a safe should anything happen to him. Shouldn't he be made to reveal that information? Matt C. Abbott makes a good point.

Illinois Conservative Politics:

"The obvious questions: If Greeley is truly interested in justice and the good of the Catholic Church, why has he thus far refused to expose this 'dangerous group'? Why is the 'information' in 'safekeeping' and not with the proper authorities? And what about the newspapers that run Greeley's columns? One would think that they would be aware of his (public) allegation. Yet, the silence from them on the matter is deafening.

As for the Church, the Archdiocese of Chicago has no information to corroborate the allegation 'that a ring of priests may have been involved in criminal activity. Nevertheless, when this information was published, the Archdiocese brought it to the attention of the State's Attorney in Cook County.' So stated a letter sent to Yours truly, dated July 31, 2001, from John C. O'Malley, director of legal services for the Archdiocese. And, according to Cardinal Francis George, Greeley hasn't provided him with any actual evidence on the matter. it a case of Greeley's smarmy fiction, or is it a case of his liberal hypocrisy? Or both?"