Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Scripture Interpretations--The Sodomites

Thanks to Amy for sending me a letter to the editor that appeared in the New Orleans newspaper protesting a priest who protested the French Quarter becoming another Sodom and Gommorah. Here is the link to the letter and here is my response to this absurd interpretation of the passage in Genesis. First let me say that what the writer is saying is truly one of the most oft repeated "modern" interpretations of the passage but in my mind one of the most absurd and cleary one motivated by an agenda that is not at the base truth seeking.

Was the sin of the Sodomites, inhospitality? (read the letter)

This is another example of the sad state of scripture studies. Reread that story about Sodom and see if there is anyway you could interpret the sin of the Sodomites as that of "inhospitality"--while it is true that Lot is hospitable--to the point of offering his virgin daughters to the Sodomites--their crime is hardly inhospitality. In fact if you take away any sense that homosexual activity is a bad thing, one might argue that the Sodomites were being incredibly hospitable to their guests and Lot was doing anything he could to prevent them from offering their generous hospitality to the strangers.

Of course the truth is that the Sodomites were evil. They lusted after the strangers and wanted to "use" them. The sin of the Sodomites is "lust" gone totally beserk to the point of violence. The imagery of them being struck blind by the angels is a good way shedding light on their predicament--they are so "blinded" by their lust that they can't even discern the heavenly visitors are from God!

The idiots who continue to teach the most absurd things about Scripture in order to be politically correct, to re-explain the miraculous and to not offend really have overstayed their welcome. I think it is time for us to be a little inhospitable to them.