Wednesday, September 10, 2003

New Bin Laden Tape Surface on Eve of 9/11

From Yahoo! News - Al-Jazeera Airs New Bin Laden Videotape:

"The voice attributed to al-Zawahri also referred to the Sept. 11 anniversary.
'On the second anniversary of the raids on New York and Washington we challenge America and its Crusade, which is teetering from its wounds in Afghanistan and Iraq,' the speaker says. 'We tell them that we do not seek to kill, but we will chop off the hand which seeks to inflict harm on us, God willing.'

In the audiotape, translated from the Arabic by The Associated Press, the voice said to be al-Zawahri's threatened more attacks on Americans.

'What you saw until now are only the first skirmishes,' the voice says. 'The true epic has not begun.' "