Thursday, September 18, 2003

The Miracle of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta


"We also met the miracle lady herself. Monica Besra is an illiterate tribal woman, mother of five children, who appears composed and elegant as she recounts her story. She was suffering from headaches, fever and a large abdominal lump, which, after she had spent several months intermittently taking anti-tubercular medicines and visiting a variety of doctors, was getting worse. She could no longer afford any more treatment and, in a very weak condition, was taken to the Missionaries of Charity home in Patiram for rest. Besra thought that she was going to die. On 5 September 1998, the first anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death, the nuns prayed for her recovery and placed on her stomach a small medallion that Mother Teresa had once touched. In the morning the lump had disappeared. It is the speed of her recovery that makes her cure inexplicable, according to Professor Bonomo, head of the Vatican Medical Board. It must also be declared spontaneous, complete and permanent before being considered by the Theological Board: it was.

Besra’s version of events is convincing. Those with faith say it is a divine miracle wrought by the intercession of Mother Teresa; others maintain that science will one day have the answer for what happened, even if it does not yet. "