Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Man Visits Fort Wayne in Crate on Cargo Plane

This story obviously raises a lot of security questions, but of more interest to me is that he flew into Fort Wayne on his trek. Fort Wayne has an airport where basically commuter airlines fly in and out of, but large cargo planes. The man in the crate flew in on one of those cargo planes that usually wake me up in the morning about an hour before my alarm goes off.

From - Man shipped from New York to Texas in crate - Sep. 10, 2003:

"McKinley shipped himself through cargo carrier Kitty Hawk Inc., which said it was told by the shipping firm, Pilot Air Freight, that the crate was loaded with computer monitors.

The crate, marked as containing computer equipment, was picked up at a company called Metrotech in the Bronx, New York, and driven to John F. Kennedy International Airport, and then to Newark, New Jersey, where it was placed on a Kitty Hawk cargo plane, she said.

'The plane actually went to Buffalo. From Buffalo it went to Fort Wayne, Indiana. There was a change of planes onto another Kitty Hawk cargo plane, and he ended up at DFW [Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport],' Luber said.
He was then driven to the intended address, which was his father's house in De Soto, a suburb 14 miles south of Dallas. "