Monday, September 08, 2003

Is bin Laden the 'Mahdi'?

The Hadith predicts the rise of a messianic figure toward the end of time, interestingly also the reappearance of Jesus. Shows in some way how Islam captured some of the teachings of Arius that were prevalent in Arabia during the time of the Prophet. Anyway World Net Daily reports that Bin Laden might see himself as this "enlightened one" who will lead the Islamic people in a fight against the infidel and if that is true how that changes the type of war that the US faces.

From WorldNetDaily:

"If bin Ladin – or some other Islamist leader – were to declare himself the Mahdi, should that make a difference to U.S. policy-makers? Yes.

If the claim were believable to the Islamic world, then the U.S. could no longer claim to be fighting terrorism alone. Indeed, it would become a global religious conflict. "