Monday, September 29, 2003

Give Zook Credit???

I'll give Jared Lorenzen credit...

From Zook Bashers: Give Him Credit For This Victory - from Tampa Bay Online:

"Piling on Zook has become a cliche, but for a long while Saturday it seemed the mob who wants his head would have to be heard. This was as close to the brink of a lost season as you can come.
But those in the Gator Nation who have been beating on Zook, time to play fair. If the Miami collapse was Zook's fault, as many believed, he deserves credit for pulling off a rally that didn't seem possible.

Florida trailed 21-9 with less than five minutes to play, but it was worse than that. The Gators were tentative, almost intimidated. They had trailed since UK's first drive, and there was no reason to believe that was going to change. When asked what he was thinking at that point, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley replied, ``You don't want to know.''

Yes we do. "