Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Future Terror Strikes on the US and Vatican?

Michael Brown has an interesting essay over at Spirit Daily today about Muslim apocalyptic writers that may indicate the veiled plans of extreme Muslim radicals.

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Here is a sampling:

In chilling references that predate September 11, Muslim philosophers -- including at least one said to have influenced Bin Laden -- have used terms like "partial strike" and link it to the war over Kuwait as well as the immorality they saw as flourishing in the West, especially under the Clinton Administration. In a bizarre rendering of symbols, Muslim apocalypticists have cited Jeremiah 50:2 and 51:44, where the figure of "Bel" (a Babylonian god) is "punished in Babylon." They connect "Bel" to "Bill" Clinton....

In Muslim apocalyptic literature, America is associated with "Ad," a city whose destruction is detailed in the Koran. Ad was an advanced civilization, according to Cook, who has studied the Muslim apocalyptic interpretations and quotes Abdallah as seeing Ad as a civilization that "could predict weather and possessed other advanced technology.

"They had advanced weaponry and organized sports and cultural events," Cook writes, summarizing the Muslim beliefs regarding the evil power they had to overthrow. "These, however, were merely for pleasure, not for the purpose of glorifying God. Their buildings were skyscrapers [speaking of their capital, Iram dhat al-`Imad], just as in New York."

Therefore, says Abdallah, "America deserves now, according to the sunna of God regarding the punishment of nations, a partial strike like that which caught Ad." In the matter of earthquakes or khasfs, says Cook, the Muslim apocalyptic writers believe America will be targeted "and specifically New York City, which is called the 'great Babylon.'"

The "Mahdi" is a messianic figure whom some radicals now associate with Osama Bin Laden. According to Muslim writers, the Mahdi will proclaim himself in Mecca and move against Jordan, which will be ruled by a Jew.

"Then America will live through the worst disaster in its history," writes Muhammad 'Isa Da'ud. "This disaster will be the destruction of New York by a terrible flood after a terrifying series of explosions nearby makes the surrounding waters swallow it up as if it is an ant inside a terrifying star of heat and water."

In the perspective of these Muslim writers, "Florida also suffers nuclear explosions of unknown origin and this triggers even more explosions as the American nuclear arsenal in the area detonates."

After the disabling of the U.S., much of Europe will convert to Islam, in the view of modern Muslim prophetic writers, but there will be one stumbling block. "This ideal state of affairs is wrecked by the Vatican, since groups of saboteurs under Roman Catholic control are caught, and brought before the Mahdi," says Cook. "They confess who sent them to him personally and to representatives of the foreign countries. Then the Mahdi proclaims that his armies are moving to the Vatican and going to attack Rome."