Sunday, September 07, 2003

First Linking of the Year to

33-10 in the third quarter with 3 minutes left. The announcers are saying it is time to put Brock Berlin on the bench, the fans boo when he returns to the lineup.

Meanwhile on the other side, Ingle Martin stands with his helmet off. The masterful way he moved the ball and ate up time in the first half forgotten by the clueless coaching staff. In a game that demanded experience on the field to run the clock out, he never returned. The defense that was in the backfield all night long suddenly were not within site of any Miami player who had the ball. The defense which held Miami to under fifty yards of offense to this point in the game suddenly could do nothing.

What could have gone down as a defining moment in Ron Zook's career as a head football coach--will go down as a defining moment. How do you blow a three plus touchdown lead in the final quarter of a game? Hire Ron Zook as your head football coach.

Here is what the editor of says--Editor's Note:

"I can tell you this much...I watched the first half of the Miami game on the edge of my seat, loving the attitude and explosiveness that our guys were playing with, and thinking to myself 'why do I keep this site up?' It's true...I'm a Gator fan no matter what, and sometimes I just get sick of the whole Zook business and want to blindly cheer for the team. No website, no point of view on the choice of our head coach, no effort. Just drink beer and cheer. But I don't break that easily I suppose. Zook even went for the 2 point conversion when he had no business doing so (as aptly pointed out by my tequila-ridden friend Larry), and I ignored it because I was having fun. I was thoroughly impressed though. Completely. I haven't felt that good cheering for Gator football in over a year....and dammit I missed that feeling.

But then the sun went behind the clouds and I once again remembered why this site exists in the first place. Not because Leak threw in interception. Not because the defense fell apart against a Brock Berlin onslaught. But because we have the wrong head football coach. String together an entire game of what I saw in the first half...and maybe I'll give it some more thought.
But for now...I'm not holding my breath."