Tuesday, September 23, 2003

A Dim View of a Pittsburgh Priest

The strange tale of Fr. Henry Krawczyk and the University of Pittsburgh football player who died in his church this summer. Ann Rodgers gives the long meandering tale of a celibate priest who led two lives and sought desparately to be one of the crowd.

The novice might think that there were more than enough "warning" signs to have merited his removal years ago, but from my experience all of these signs are such frequent problems among clergy that most diocesan staffs merely shrug their shoulders when complaints come in about "punch and judy" (a term often used to refer to the frequent human failures of priests).

One might ponder what the church would be like in a perfect world, unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world but a fallen world. I do think that all of these revelations will lead to a more public recognition of the sinfulness that is the domain of all of us and that we will begin to have a more realistic view of clergy and to not shake off their faults but demand that they deal with them or find a vocation that suits their lifestyle.

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