Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Twenty Five Years Ago Today

The "smiling pope" was elected, a refreshing breath of life entered the church after the declining years of Paul VI. Yet it was a short breath that lasted for a mere month and to some extent was eclipsed by the election of Pope John Paul II. But many were touched by the short reign of John Paul I, enough in fact that a cause for his has been going strong. I've linked to it below along with a beautiful prayer taught to John Paul I by his mother:http://www.myhelppage2.homestead.com/glorification.html:

"'Lord, take me as I am, with my faults and with my sins, but make me become what You want me to be.'

If you are unfamiliar with John Paul I and would like to read more about him, may I recommend the fine title by Leo Knowles, Modern Heroes of the Church, that was just released this year: