Friday, August 29, 2003

Power Outage in London During Rush Hour

When I lived in Europe the power was always going out, so I'm not sure how big a story this is but it does have an "erie" parallel to what happened around the great lake a few weeks ago--could it be the work of a hacker sending a message?


"A rush-hour power cut has caused major disruption on rail and Tube services in London and the South East.

Power returned to the system at about 1900 BST and the rail and tube network took several hours before most services resumed normal operations.
Network Rail said about 1,800 trains were affected by the power cut, caused by a fault with the National Grid.

Train company Connex reported the power went out between London and Ashford, in Kent.

South London was hardest hit and Transport for London said 60% of the Tube network was affected. "