Sunday, August 24, 2003

A Modern Noah

One of the more interesting sagas of the past year has been the building of a boat over at Nancy Nall's house as recorded in her journal/blog/website.

No doubt the neighbors thought it odd when day and night they heard Nancy's husband working loudly on the building of a boat. Perhaps at times they even ridiculed him, telling him he'd never get it done. But there had to come a time when they wondered if Alan was answering some divine intuition and was building the boat as a way to escape the coming divine retribution against Fort Wayne, so that he could take his wife, daugther, dog and himself somewhere safer, (like Ann Arbor, MI).

I thought about this when the water's of the St. Mary's river had risen to their highest levels in recorded history around here and water was lapping the edges of Old Mill Rd. a few blocks from both there house and ours last month. But alas, the waters have returned to normal and Alan has nearly finished a true work of art. They reached Ann Arbor without the boat but he was close to ready if they had need it.

Visit Nancy's web site for a view of the finished project, look to the archives for the progression of the project.