Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I believe Lord, help my unbelief...

A new book illustrates how little most of us either understand what we are doing or what we are saying when we pray the Creed. Luke Timothy Johnson does a fine job of showing the Scriptural origins of "creeds", their development and then finally the meaning of the Creed that Christians say every Sunday when they worship.

Another book on the Creed that has come out this year is by one of my favorite authors, Dwight Longenecker. Dwight is a convert that grew up a Menonite, to later become an evangelical Christian and graduate of Bob Jones University, next he became an Anglican priest only later to become a Catholic and soon to become a Catholic priest (a married one at that). Giving his journey, he knows a thing or two about creeds and his book on the creed is an adventure and aptly named.

And because it fits into this general theme in a negative way. I can't forget my friend Father Richard Hogan who upon reflecting on the Church's history of heresy reflected on them in light of the Creed, in Dissent from the Creed: