Saturday, August 09, 2003

Here is a New Twist

The story is rather unclear as to why the parishioners are no longer welcome in their parish. Did they rat on the priest? If so the priest should be suspended for sending the letters.

From - News - Parishioners Expelled As Priest Is Investigated:

"The 15 families of Our Lady of Grace Vietnamese Catholic Church in Eastpointe received letters by certified mail stating they were no longer welcome in their parish, Local 4 reported Thursday. The letters went out after allegations from church members that their priest allowed his brother -- a defrocked priest -- to perform sacred services.

Church members said they would ignore their priest's request and attend their parish on Sunday.
'Whatever happened I'm not going to leave until the pope come and say to me, Adam, you cannot participate in the church,' kicked-out parishioner Adam Nguyn said. "