Wednesday, August 27, 2003

General Instruction of the Roman Missal

Amy is now doing some fascinating detective work, discovering what various dioceses are doing to implement the changes mandated by the revision of the General Instruction. As I've said previously the changes mostly affect the presider and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. Other changes include the presence of a crucifix in the sanctuary. Those who have resurrected Christs, processional crosses with out a corpus, etc should all be making changes--I have witnessed changes being made already to the Archabbey of Saint Meinrad in Indiana earlier this summer (including the installation of kneelers in a place where many future priests were trained to accept "standing" as the accepted posture during the Eucharistic Prayer).

Notice that having the congregation pray in the "orans" position is nowhere in any of Amy's other diocesan directives that she has uncovered so far. It is true that the Bishop is the chief liturgist of his diocese but even that has limits.