Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Father Benedict's Rosary Book

I just finished reading Father Benedict Groeschel's Chain of Hope, his new book on the rosary that is published by Ignatius Press. As always Father has a slightly different take that makes reading about the most common devotion interesting and unique. He shares his experience of praying the rosary while entering the subteranean world of the New York subway system that he describes as richly apocalyptic (something that struck me as prophetic in light of last Thursday's black out and how it affected those depending upon that mode of transportation). He shares the experience of Mother Teresa's praying the rosary in times of darkness--in a word he presents the prayer of the rosary as a "chain of hope."

Somewhat strangely, the Luminous Mysteries are included in an appendix, I understand from my sources that the publisher doesn't quite buy their addition to the traditional mysteries and wanted them treated as something "extra." The meditations and the focus on the mysteries of light as a source of renewal within the church is both insightful and right on. Also included in the appendix is the Apostolic Letter on the rosary written by the Holy Father.

This book is different then the one that Amy and I have put together, ours is more of a "prayer book", this is more of a book about the rosary and a "meditation" book. But I highly recommend it to both the long time rosary pray-er and the novice.